Friday, November 13, 2009

Islamic Jokes (1)

True Incident: A young man in a village refused to believe that Allah has total control of everything. He claimed that Allah cannot make him eat food if he didn't want to eat. To prove his point, he decided to stay hungry for a day and see if Allah can make him eat. His mother tried her best to stop this foolishness but he paid no attention. Annoyed of his mother in the evening, he decided to climb a tree and isolate himself there. Being compassionate, his mother decided to leave the food under the tree incase her son finally gives up and wants to eat. When the night fell, a group of robbers were passing by that tree. They noticed a plate of delicious food placed under the tree. They looked at each other in amazement and thought that someone must be playing a trick on them. May be someone is trying to poison them with good food. They looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and noticed the young man on top of the tree. The robbers got him down and told him to eat the food to see if it is poisoned. But the young man refused to eat as he is still carrying on his challenge against Allah. The robbers became suspicious and started beating the young man to eat. He gave up and started eating. Seeing that the food was not poisoned, the robbers left him and went away. Finally, the young man admitted that yes, Allah has total control of everything!

Moral of the story : He (Allah S.W.T) The Most Powerful, The Most Greatest..!!!

Firman Allah S.W.T :

Sungguh, Tuhanmu (adalah) Allah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi dalam enam masa, lalu dia bersemayam atas ‘Arsy. Dia menutupkan malam kapada siang yang mengikutinya dengan cepat. (Dia ciptakan) matahari, bulan dan bintang-bintang tunduk kepada perintah-Nya. Ingatlah! Segala penciptaan dan urusan menjadi hak-Nya. Mahasuci Allah, Tuhan seluruh alam. (Surah Al-A’raf 7:54)

Kadang-kala, dakwah sacara gurauan lebih berkesan kerana hiburan itu indah selagi mana kita tidak salah memilihnya...Renung-renungkan dan selamat beribadah...see u all next time insyaAllah...Assalammualaikum...(^_^)

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